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Phosphor is a flexible icon family for interfaces, diagrams, presentations — whatever, really. Explore all our icons at


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To add Phosphor web components to your app via CDN, you can include the following in the <head> of the document:

  src="[email protected]"

To use within ES modules, install the package and import once near the root of your app:

pnpm add @phosphor-icons/webcomponents
#^ Or whatever package manager you use

Then import either just the icons you need, or the entire library (this can be quite large):

import "@phoshpor-icons/webcomponents/PhHorse";
import "@phoshpor-icons/webcomponents/PhHeart";
import "@phoshpor-icons/webcomponents/PhCube";
import "@phosphor-icons/webcomponents";


Add the custom elements to the document, using the ph- prefixed name of the icon as the custom element name:

  <ph-heart color="crimson" weight="fill"></ph-heart>


Icon components can be styled with the following attributes:

  • color?: string – Icon stroke/fill color. Can be any CSS color string, including hex, rgb, rgba, hsl, hsla, named colors, or the special currentColor variable.
  • size?: number | string – Icon height & width. This can be a number (defaults to pixels), or a string with units in px, %, em, rem, pt, cm, mm, in.
  • weight?: "thin" | "light" | "regular" | "bold" | "fill" | "duotone" – Icon weight/style. Can also be used, for example, to "toggle" an icon's state: a rating component could use Stars with weight="regular" to denote an empty star, and weight="fill" to denote a filled star.
  • mirrored?: boolean – Flip the icon horizontally. Can be useful in RTL languages where normal icon orientation is not appropriate.

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