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Hi 👋

I am Erick Zanardo, I am Brazilian and I have been working with software development since 2008. I have worked with many different platforms and stacks along my carrier, like Java, NodeJs, Ruby, Vanilla JS, React and many others.

Since 2016 I have been focusing on mobile development, where I started with React Native and then moved to Flutter, where I stayed and where I am focusing my carrier as well as my OSS efforts.

I help maintain a couple of Flutter packages and projects, but the ones that I am most know from are Flame, a Flutter based game engine and Dashbook, a storybook package for Flutter.

I also develop games using Flame as a way of exploring our work with the engine, and hopefully providing fun to people who end up playing the games.

I also create games under Cherry Bit Studios, some are free, and some are paid, but no paid game will ever rely in predatory monetisation methods, so, buying those games is also a way of supporting my work!

Any funds that I get from sponsoring, I will try to put into my OSS efforts in any way that I can think of, like improving my setup, paying for services that can help me, acquiring devices and licenses, and also using it as a complementary income source (maybe one day I can live only from my OSS and Game Efforts!)

Thank you so much for reading this!

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Featured work

  1. flame-engine/flame

    A Flutter based game engine.

    Dart 8,938
  2. bluefireteam/dashbook

    Development tools to help you building UI on Flutter

    Dart 386
  3. erickzanardo/nes_ui

    Customizable Flutter UI library inspired by old 8bits video games.

    Dart 201

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