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I'm a PHP developer, and I do most of my contributions to Doctrine, then a little to Sonata, and then Symfony from time to time.
Game developer / Software engineer / Musician creating software focusing on usability. Usually developing tools for Unity and Godot game engines.
I'm a JavaScript developer, passionate open source advocate, JS spec editor; maintain nvm, enzyme, & polyfills/shims; I help manage IRC & Slack communities. Sponsorship helps me balance family & open source time!
@dyne is a non-profit software house and think &do tank for ethical hackers established in 1999 as a foundation committed to community empowerment through the conscious development of free and open-source technologies.
I am Erick I love open source software and I have been creating OSS packages since I started my carrier on 2008. Currently focusing my efforts on helping the Flutter community and projects.
Hi, I'm Dries! One of the core maintainers of Laravel, the popular PHP framework. I maintain various open-source projects and am building projects like @eventyio and @laravelio.
We're a small team of passionate designers & developers creating a real-time API and intuitive App dashboard for managing SQL database content.
Je suis un développeur qui développe des choses parfois inutile ou utile. Souvent je réinvente la roue pour le fun. Je suis Responsable Communication chez Papillon !
Support danschultzer’s open source work on Pow, Assent, Premailex, TestServer, and more!
IQEngine is a free and open-source (FOSS) web-based SDR toolkit for analyzing, processing, and sharing RF recordings. The canonical instance running at is aimed at education and helps promote the SigMF standard.
Python (Numpy, Numba, Pandas), Rust, Javascript (Node, d3, typescript), C#. Developer of **Pandas TA** and **AlphaVantage API**)
Peculiar Ventures provides technology, product and services that make building modern, usable and secure applications and services easy.
Modoboa is a fully open-source mail server, developed and maintained for more than 10 years now.
We are the R&D team at Spiral Scout, which develops and supports popular open-source projects like RoadRunner, Spiral Framework, CycleORM, and Temporal-PHP. We appreciate your support or stars, if you like our products and use them.
👋 Hey, I’m Tim Hopper! I’ve been a Python developer for over a decade. I'm writing a book to help you understand the ecosystem of tools used to make Python development more streamlined and productive.
I am the creator of CUPS, HTMLDOC, and many other open source projects, author of many standards, and helped create AirPrint.
Software developer obsessed with painless developer experience. I am writing `zld` - the Zig's drop-in replacement for `lld`, and fiddling with iOS developer experience in Zig - it should just work, TM!
A team of two passionate creators bringing high-quality, free, and open-source UI tools to the world.
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