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Sarah Drasner

All over the place

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I spend my time on various repos: many of them are projects I develop to help serve other developers needs: tooling, teaching material, extensions, etc. I also work as a maintainer on the Vue documentation, among some other projects that aren't mine. If you'd like to help support me in those efforts, I'd appreciate it!

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Featured work

  1. sdras/cssgridgenerator

    🧮 Generate basic CSS Grid code to make dynamic layouts!

  2. sdras/awesome-actions

    A curated list of awesome actions to use on GitHub

  3. sdras/array-explorer

    ⚡️ A resource to help figure out what JavaScript array method would be best to use at any given time

    JavaScript 2,614
  4. sdras/night-owl-vscode-theme

    🌌 NIGHT OWL: A VS Code dark theme for contrast for nighttime coding, 🦉 LIGHT OWL: a daytime light theme

  5. sdras/ecommerce-netlify

    🛍 A JAMstack Ecommerce Site built with Nuxt and Netlify Functions

  6. sdras/intro-to-vue

    Workshop Materials for my Introduction to Vue.js Workshop

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Corporate sponsorship: if your company benefits from what I do and would like to support me, I appreciate it! 🎇